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As founder and chairman of New York based, Shami Media Group, Bob Shami has created a major media distribution company that focuses on film, television and music content. A successful entrepreneur, he's been given the opportunity to work with some of the world's most talented content creators in the film and music industries internationally.

SMG websites showcase his passions and are designed to help budding filmmakers and artists to make their mark through releasing content internationally. A media film company, record label and independent production company owner under one roof, he has continued to introduce new, up and coming technologies to his clients.

Reality television was a field he had yet to explore, and the opportunity arrived through Hall of Famer, Chicago Bulls legend, Dennis Rodman with the creation of a reality based feature film documentary entitled "DENNIS RODMAN - ME: Doing it My Way".

Always passionate about the film industry Bob was on a mission to seize and create new opportunities within this industry. Having developed a strong sense of how to market a multitude of genres across multiple platforms, the catalog includes major labels, digital distribution as well as fledgling mobile partnerships. Working with TV networks, top digital aggregators internationally and physical chain stores across US and Canada, the SMG digital library is filled with movie collections which entail a variety of full-length feature films for use in various genre-themed projects. Each filmmaker is given an equal opportunity to show their work. The independent film is something Bob holds in high regards.

Bob Shami is very active in events focusing on movies and music, attending some of the worlds largest film related conferences. Movie and music conventions are a big part of what he does as its an opportunity for meeting filmmakers with finished or near completed films. He also sees an opportunity, and has the ability to show the world amazing work of talented filmmakers. Having a huge catalog of music gives him an opportunity to combine the film and music art together.

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