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Music Album - 1956 Hits Vol 2

# Title Artists Authors Composers Licence
1 See You Later Alligator Bill Haley and His Comets Robert Guiy Robert Guiy
2 Slow Walk Sil Austin
3 Why Do Fools Fall in Love Frankie Lymon and The Teenagets
4 A Rose and a Baby Ruth George Hamilton IV John D. Loudermilk John D. Loudermilk
5 Let the Good Times Roll Shirley _and_ Lee
6 The Green Door Jim Lowe Bob Davie David Moore Bob Davie David Moore
7 Bluejean Bop Gene Vincent Hal Levy Gene Vincent Hal Levy Gene Vincent
8 Hot Diggity Perry Como
9 More Perry Como
10 When My Dreamboat Comes Home Fats Domino
11 Mack the Knife Louis Armstrong
12 Crazy with Love Guy Mitchell Aaron Schroeder Josephine Peoples Aaron Schroeder Josephine Peoples
13 Jambalaya Brenda Lee
14 Race with the Devil Gene Vincent Tex Davis Gene Vincent Tex Davis Gene Vincent
15 Skinny Jim Eddie Cochran Eddie Cochran Jerry Capehart Eddie Cochran Jerry Capehart
16 Hot Do That Made Him Mad Wanda Jackson

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