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Music Album - Beautiful Heart and Soul, Vol. 2

# Title Artists Authors Composers Licence
1 Do The Very Best You Can Barrett Strong B. Gordy, R. Davis, G. Gordy B. Gordy, R. Davis, G. Gordy
2 Drink Up The Du Droppers
3 Yes, No, Maybe So Barrett Strong
4 I Wanna Know The Du Droppers Caleb Ginyard Caleb Ginyard
5 Money And Me Barrett Strong Robinson, Gordy, Bradford, Bateman Robinson, Gordy, Bradford, Bateman
6 Money (That's What I Want) Barrett Strong Berry Gordy, Janie Bradford Berry Gordy, Janie Bradford
7 Oh I Apologize Barrett Strong W. Robinson, B. Gordy, Jr. W. Robinson, B. Gordy, Jr.
8 Don't Pass Me By The Du Droppers ‎
9 Go Back The Du Droppers ‎ B. Kornegay, C. Ginyard B. Kornegay, C. Ginyard
10 Honey Bunch The Du Droppers ‎
11 Day Old Bread The Treniers
12 I Ain't Going For That Inez, Charlie Foxx
13 I Said No The Treniers
14 In The Dark Roy Fox Arthur Schwartz Arthur Schwartz
15 It Rocks It Rolls It Swings The Treiners
16 La De Da I Love You Inez, Charlie Foxx Inez Foxx Inez Foxx
17 Little Darling The Halos
18 Love's Prayer The Spinners Len Castle, Ray Stanley Len Castle, Ray Stanley
19 Mine Exclusively The Olympics Relf, Matthews Relf, Matthews
20 Mother In Law The Halos

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