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Music Album - Afterclub Music

# Title Artists Authors Composers Licence
1 2 The Night The Tag
2 A Little Closer Lovecity
3 Again Lorenzo Giuliano
4 Bullish The Three Es
5 Caught Up Bronx Cheer
6 Darkness The Dreamcatcher
7 Deep And Warm Simon Faz
8 Don't Stop Lenzi, Soriani And Mora
9 Every Pumping Wax Faminy Fiundation
10 Free Yourself Luca Fregonese
11 I Amsterdam Carlos Waytt
12 I Like My Trumpet Leonardo Armini
13 In Time Michele Papa
14 Key Of Life Robbie Rivera
15 Love Sensation Loleatta Holloway
16 Makuta Groove The Other Wise Want
17 Pushing Caba Kroll, Tom Leeland
18 Samba In The Shade Franzis-D
19 Stay With Me Lenzi Vs. Soriani
20 The Vibes Star System

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