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Music Album - Midnight Strikes

# Title Artists Authors Composers Licence
1 Red Sun Alex Bellini
2 Chicago Alex Neuret & Christian Mady
3 Voyager Anton Marshall
4 Groovibell Anton Marshall
5 Deep Jack Denny K
6 Get Up Devid Dega
7 Set Back Francesco Guareschi
8 Look Right Giuseppe Rizzuto
9 Shiver Hunzed
10 Hedonist Groove My Friend Cope
11 Into The Loops P-Ben
12 Love Gracek Pnf Project
13 Reise Nach Berlin Proudly People
14 Get Up Super M
15 I've Got The Feeling The Guidance
16 Disc Jockey V-Traxx
17 Deep Boys Deep Boys
18 Polpette Polpette
19 Tonight I Love You Tonight I Love You
20 Confusion Zebra

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