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Music Album - House Music Nights

# Title Artists Authors Composers Licence
1 Alright (Wicked Vision Remix Edit) Miss Bex Alexander Mantz, Robert Stuart Alexander Mantz, Robert Stuart
2 Break (Original Mix) Mark Hills Johanna Siekkinen, Gregory Barata, Maria Marcus Johanna Siekkinen, Gregory Barata, Maria Marcus
3 Forever and a Day (Short Edit) DJ Mafia Karmen Buletinac Markus Schulz ho
4 Gotta Be You (Marcus Mattson Remix) Fergus Keogh Fergus Keogh Fergus Keogh
5 Hypophobia (DualXess Remix) Bad Booty Brothers
6 I can't get you (Original Mix) Nico Provenzano Nikolaus Barthl, Stephan Endemann Nikolaus Barthl, Stephan Endemann
7 In The End (TomX Project Extended Mix) TomX
8 Lets do the Sh (Short Mix MST Kopie) Whitemaxx Kevin Zaremba Kevin Zaremba
9 Love is taking over (Chris Wittig Remix Edit) Patrick Metzger CJ Stone, LYCK CJ Stone, LYCK
10 Miss You (Radio Edit) Patrick Metzker , Chris Wittig Dino Mileta Dino Mileta
11 Nothing (Kasper Stub Remix) Steve Michael Steve Michael Steve Michael
12 Ready For Tonight (DualXess Remix) DJ Lex Karmen Buletinac Markus Schulz ho
13 Ready For You (Wicked Vision Remix) Petty Joy Mario Ries, Anders Vilgot Markus Schulz ho, Mario Ries
14 Sleepless Nights (DualXess Remix) DJ E-Maxx Constantin Luger Alexander Wyhnalek, Constantin Luger
15 Together (We Stay Festival Extended) Nera Elvis Milivojevic, Florian Engl Elvis Milivojevic, Florian Engl
16 Tu vivi nellaria (GOODZILLA SAXODEEP REMIX) MianiGoodzilla Giovanni Miani, Matteo Schiavo Giovanni Miani, Matteo Schiavo
17 Words (Radio Edit) Damian Roxx Damian Roxx Damian Roxx
18 Worth it (DJ Ostkurve Club Remix) Bad Booty Brothes

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