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Music Album - Country Beat Music Fortress

# Title Artists Authors Composers Licence
1 Forever In My Heart (Remix) Thomas English Thomas English Thomas English
2 Ghost In The Machine Richard Murray Richard Murray Richard Murray
3 Going Somewhere Justin Howl Justin Howl Justin Howl
4 Gone Salty Susan Owens Wwanderer Publishing Wwanderer Publishing
5 Grey Danny Thompson Danny Thompson Danny Thompson
6 Hallelujah (Accoustic Version) J Fallon J Fallon J Fallon
7 Homeland Garth Adam Garth Adam Garth Adam
8 I Was Meant For You, You Were Meant For Me (Master) George Sladek And Country Roads George Sladek George Sladek
9 I Will Not Leave You () Ron Minasian Ron Minasian Ron Minasian
10 I'm Just Lookin' For Some Action George Sladek George Sladek George Sladek
11 Instrumental Guitar Solo Joao Guerreiro Joao Guerreiro Joao Guerreiro
12 Jesus Was A Hobo Man Justin Howl Justin Howl Justin Howl
13 Joannie Nick Santus Nick Santus Nick Santus
14 Lady Of Stone Raymond Byabazaire Raymond Byabazaire Raymond Byabazaire
15 Land Of Smiles (Remastered) Indus Rush Stephen Whitby Stephen Whitby
16 Last Call James Parsons James Parsons James Parsons
17 Let Her Go Angela Predhomme Angela Predhomme Angela Predhomme
18 Lightblue No Bull Diego Avaca Diego Avaca
19 Like Burning Trees Leo Pusterla Leo Pusterla Leo Pusterla
20 Little Adleigh Nick Ralg Nick Ralg Nick Ralg
21 Lonely Now She's Gone Keith Fellows Keith Fellows Keith Fellows
22 Long Long Line Of Liars Hayward A. Franks Hayward A. Franks Hayward A. Franks
23 Low River The Dennis Elder Band Jennifer S. Elder Jennifer S. Elder
24 Lullaby Thorne Allen Thorne Allen Thorne Allen
25 Many Dreams Deferred Centre The Image J. Scott Steele J. Scott Steele

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