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Music Album - More Christmas Spirit, Vol. 2

# Title Artists Authors Composers Licence
1 Have a Boom Boom Christmas Freddy Cannon
2 I Wanna Spend Christmas with Elvis Little Lambsie Penn
3 Rockin' ''J'' Bells Little Bobby Ray
4 Rockin Little Christmas Carlene Carter
5 Rockin' on a Reindeer Harry Lee Joe Pennypacker, Hill Mathis Joe Pennypacker, Hill Mathis
6 Rockin' Santa Ebony Moods
7 Rockin' Winter Wonderland The Fabulous Thunderbirds Felix Bernard Felix Bernard
8 Run Rudolph Run The Outlaws Chuck Berry, Marvin Brodie Chuck Berry, Marvin Brodie
9 Santa Claus The Sonics Gerald Roslie Gerald Roslie
10 Santa's Gonna Shut 'em Down Untamed Youth Derek Dickerson Derek Dickerson
11 Santa's Here to Stay Freddy Cannon
12 Sleigh Bell Rock Chuck Blevins H. Schneider H. Schneider
13 Snow Flake Jim Reeves Ned Miller Ned Miller
14 The Merry Christmas Polka Jim Reeves Willie Phelps Willie Phelps
15 We Want a Superstar for Christmas The Angels Of Islington Paul Curtis Paul Curtis

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