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Music Album - Christmas Rocks, Vol. 1

# Title Artists Authors Composers Licence
1 Sleigh Bell Rock Three Aces & A Joker Harold Schneider Harold Schneider
2 Jingle Rock Tommy Lee & The Orbits Tommy Lee Tommy Lee
3 Sleighbell Rock Chuck Blevins J. Blevins, C. Blevins J. Blevins, C. Blevins
4 Rock N Roll Christmas Cordell Jackson Cordell Jackson Cordell Jackson
5 Xmas Bell Rock Barry & Highlights B. Parker B. Parker
6 Mamas Twistin with Santa Mark Anthony Anthony Anthony
7 Rockin Santa Claus The Moods Clyde Allen Wallace Clyde Allen Wallace
8 Rock N Roll Santa Little Joey Farr Tony Farr J. Farr, T. Farr
9 Baby Sittin Santa Barry Richards J. Parker J. Parker
10 Santa to the Moon Sonny Cole S. Cole, McAllen S. Cole, McAllen
11 Santas Helper Joe Poovey B. A. Poovey B. A. Poovey
12 Christmas Day Ral Donner Donner, Joseph Donner, Joseph
13 North Pole Rock Cathy Sharpe Cathy Sharpe, Ed James Cathy Sharpe, Ed James
14 Run Rudolph Run The Outlaws Chuck Berry Chuck Berry

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