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Music Album - Golden Soul Sound, Vol. 2

# Title Artists Authors Composers Licence
1 Girls Are Against Me The Utopias Roger Bass Roger Bass
2 I Can't Afford to Lose Him Baby Washington Bobby Womack Baby Washington
3 I Can't Turn My Back Vince Apollo Joe Stephenson Joe Stephenson
4 I Do Nick Ashford
5 I'm on the Outside Looking In The Imperials Bobby Weinstein, Teddy Randazzo Bobby Weinstein, Teddy Randazzo
6 Isn't It Just a Shame Kenny Wells Gary Knight, Gary Gant Herb Bernstein
7 I Got Love Viola Wills Barry White, Ron Goree Barry White
8 Leave Me Alone Baby Washington Laurence Weiss, Lockie Edwards Jr., Matt Maurer Laurence Weiss, Lockie Edwards Jr., Matt Maurer
9 Honey Boy Nella Dodds Lamont Dozier, Brian Holland, Eddie Holland Mike Terry
10 It's in His Kiss Betty Everett Rudy Clark Rudy Clark
11 Girl I've Been Trying to Tell You The Ultimates Dennis Williams Dennis Williams
12 My Lover Barbara & The Browns Barbara Brown, Roberta Brown Barbara Brown, Roberta Brown
13 Ichi-Bon -1 Nick And The Jaguars Johnny Ferro Johnny Ferro
14 No Easy Way Down N. A. Allen Gerry Goffin, Carole King Willie Mitchell
15 A New Day The Notations
16 Sweeter Than the Day Before The Valentines Bobby Womack Bobby Womack
17 Accept My Invitation Band of Angels Mike D'Abo Mike D'Abo
18 Da Da Da Da Da The Naturals Johnny Simon Johnny Simon
19 Don't Send Nobody Else Ace Spectrum Ashford, Simpson Bert DeCoteaux
20 Getting Together A Brother's Guiding Light V. Montana, M. Dorn, K. Smith Vince Montana

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