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Music Album - Golden Soul Sound, Vol. 3

# Title Artists Authors Composers Licence
1 Give Me Your Love A.C. Jones and The Atomic Aces
2 Getting Mighty Crowded Betty Everett Van McCoy Van McCoy
3 A Touch of Velvet & a Sting of Brass Mood Mosaic J. Ferdy Mark Wirtz
4 You're Gonna Love My Baby Barbara McNair McNair, Miller, Parkinson McNair, Miller, Parkinson
5 You Got Me Barbara English
6 Break Away The Valentines Buzz Cason, Mac Gayden Bergen White
7 Watch Yourself The Nature Boys R. Byrd R. Byrd
8 Those Good Times Nicky C. and The Chateaux
9 Think About the Good Times Baby Washington Leroy Glover
10 Ski-Ing in the Snow The Invitations Denny Randell, Sandy Linzer Denny Randell, Sandy Linzer
11 Hard Times Baby Huey Curtis Mayfield Curtis Mayfield
12 Take Me Back Again The Volcanoes
13 Save Your Love for Me Vivian Reed Phil Hurtt, Tony Bell Phil Hurtt, Tony Bell
14 The First Time Viola Wills Henry Cain
15 Wait a Minute The Kittens
16 Who You Gonna Love The Accents Monk Higgins
17 K-Jee The Nite-Liters Charles Edward Hearndon
18 Yes You Did Herman Hitson Edward Lewis, Marion Farmer, James Lewis [II] T. Staff
19 You Should Have Told Me The New Yorkers James H. Gresham Ben Gresham
20 You'll Have to Wait The Babysitters

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