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Music Album - Soul Tune Tonight, Vol. 2

# Title Artists Authors Composers Licence
1 Break Away The Valentines Buzz Cason, Mac Gayden Bergen White
2 Watch Yourself The Natureboys R. Byrd R. Byrd
3 Those Good Times Nicky C and the Chateaux
4 Think About the Good Times Baby Washington Leroy Glover
5 Ski-ing in the Snow The Invitations Denny Randell, Sandy Linzer Denny Randell, Sandy Linzer
6 Hard Times Baby Huey Curtis Mayfield Curtis Mayfield
7 Look in the Mirror The Vondors John Almon John Almon
8 My My My Baby The Voltaires
9 No One Else Can Take Your Place The Inspirations Huey Bell, John Gibson, Lawrence Ivey Huey Bell, John Gibson, Lawrence Ivey
10 Northern Soul The Velvet Satins
11 Not Only the Girl Knows The Victors
12 I Go to Peices Everytime P.P. Arnold
13 Somebody Please The Vanguards James Davis, Paul Irvin James Davis, Paul Irvin
14 Speed Up The Impalas James Brown James Brown
15 Surprise Party for Baby The Vibrating Vibrations Gene Dozier, Keni St. Lewis Bobby Martin
16 Your Turn to Cry Bette Lavette Dock Price Jr., Joe Simon, Raeford Gerald Mike Lewis
17 Everything's Gonna Be Alright P.P. Arnold Anew Loog Oldham, David Skinner Art Greenslade
18 What About Me Baby The Pacesetters Daniel Saunders, James Gregory Rene Hall
19 Your Wish Is My Command The Inspirations Verlie Rice Verlie Rice
20 Gotta Give Her Love Volumes Barney Duke Browner Barney Duke Browner

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