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Everlasting is an engaging look at the legacy of charity, goodwill and kindness left by the world's most beloved Princess. Diana, Princess of Wales was so much more than just a member of the British Royal family. Through her charity work, she gave hope to the homeless, care to the sick and those injured by landmines, and a loving touch to AIDS sufferers. Her legacy lives on in her two sons, William and Harry, who have continued in their mother's footsteps, helping the charities closest to her heart. Her positive influence can be seen in the boys as they grow into men, becoming confident, responsible and well thought of in their chosen field - the military. William's dedication to charity was obvious when he spent a night out on the streets to highlight the problem of homelessness. He became president of the Royal Marsden Hospital, like his mother was, and in 2009, he and Harry became patrons of the Henry Von Straubenzee Memorial Fund, which fights poverty in Third World countries. His looks and natural charm have made him popular with the public, especially the girls. It's obvious to see that William has inherited his mother's down to earth manner, as well as her charisma. Prince Harry on the other hand, has courted controversy in the years since his mother's death, becoming a rebellious teenager and getting into scrapes which often landed him in hot water with the press and the royal family. One such incident was the decision to dress as a Nazi at a friend's party, in 2005. But his partying ways haven't stopped the younger prince from continuing his mother's legacy, or pursuing his ambition of a military career. Whatever the future for Diana's boys, it's obvious that she's left behind two strong, confident personalities who are individuals in their own right. Just as we're sure "the People's Princess" would have wanted.

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