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The Kennedy family has long been plagued by tragedy and scandal. Despite this, the Kennedy's have long been thought of as America's Royal Family. They have also brought positive change to the world, in often difficult times. The many misdeeds and tragedies of this family, has only enhanced the world's affection towards them. The Kennedy's prospered in America, and President Kennedy's father Joseph, better known as Joe senior (Sr.), became the patriarch of the family and outlived five of his own children. He suffered a stroke and was unable to speak for the last eight years of his life. The Kennedy's have dominated American history over recent generations. But before coming to the land of hope and glory, their ancestors battled poverty and faced many hardships. While the history of the Kennedy family may often be overshadowed by grief and tragedy, it's important to acknowledge the positive influence they have had on the world in the past, and their continued influence on the world to this very day. On October 7, 1914, Kennedy married Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald, the eldest daughter of John Francis "Honey Fitz" Fitzgerald, a Democratic mayor of Boston and probably the most recognized politician in the city. The marriage joined two of the city's most prominent Irish American political families. The couple had nine children Joe, John, Rose Marie, Kathleen, Eunice, Patricia, Robert, Jean and Edward. Americans are fascinated by the royal status of the Kennedy's, and their dynasty that has mesmerized generations. To this day, their legacy lives on.

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