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If anyone can say he's had a storybook life, it's Prince William - the first-born son of England's beloved Princess Diana and the second in line after his father, Prince Charles to become King. Prince William is the eldest son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles of Wales and is the next in line to the British throne after his father. When Prince William was born, Britons rejoiced at the sight of himinhismother'sarms.He was heralded as a king in waiting who would take the Windsor dynasty into the next generation and the next century. He was strongly affected by his parents' divorce in 1996 and his mother's tragic death in 1997 and expressed discomfort at the growing attention he received as he reached adulthood. William served in the Royal Air Force and supports numerous charities. Bringing deeply?rooted traditions in harmony with modern day expectations of the royal family is no easy task. According to Prince Charles, "The art of living lies in striking a balance, and composing harmony out of opposites is a sacred thing." As Queen Elizabeth nears the last legs of her reign, it will be soon be up to her young heirs to master the opposites of both traditional and progressive ideas, history and future.

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