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Ocean Models is a gripping reality series about life behind the scenes at the world's first Six Star modeling agency. Over the first 13 episodes, the glamorous, excessive lives of the models are revealed, along with the trials of the agency's owner, and the drama, conflict, and personality clashes between the male and female models. The Ocean Models agency is based in South Beach, Miami and was founded by Kaya Wittenburg, himself a former male model. Kaya's mission is to create a brand new concept for an agency by providing models with every possible resource and amenity they need to allow them to succeed in this tough and competitive world. He travels the world to hand pick the best models for his new agency, bringing them back to South Beach to live and work together in the Ocean Models project. He wants nothing more than to redefine the standards of the business. On the first day, the models are introduced to the 10,000 square foot mansion where they will live together. They have access to personal trainers, nutrition advice, an Escalade limousine and a personal stylist. However, they are also given house rules to follow and the strong personalities of some of the girls begin to clash from the moment they enter the mansion. Soon, the models are going to castings and are booked to work on magazine spreads, commercial shoots and out on the catwalk during Fashion Week. As tensions grow back in the house, other issues begin to emerge such as eating disorders, alcohol and drug use, anger management, sexuality and domestic abuse. Egos become a problem as feisty models clash with stylists and the staff at the agency. The partying lifestyle of the girls begins to affect the agency's bottom line and Kaya insists on more self discipline and professionalism. If the agency fails, the dreams of many will be crushed. Some of the girls will rise and become the new stars of the modeling world. Others will crumble under the demands and take people down with them. With explosive scenes of conflict and drama, Ocean Models opens up the true lifestyles behind the glitz and glamour, showing flamboyant personalities and exposing cruelty, greed and self destruction.

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