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Visual Content


Full Length Movies and Documentaries / Short movies and Documentaries / Episodic Long and short Form Shows of all the languages and Genres.

All content providers must be 18 years of age or older.

The following requirements are:

  1. Provide a trailer link to be considered for distribution and licensing.
  2. Synopses of the provided content.
  3. Content must be shot in HD Quality.
  4. Content must have professional quality audio.
  5. All actors and extras release forms must be available.
  6. A Sync License Agreement is needed for any music that was used or music release agreement if requested.
  7. If the creator produced the music, then there is no need for any music release forms agreements to be provided.
  8. Any commercial names, logo images of name brands used in the project must be completely taken out or must provide a brand release agreement form allowing the creator to use it for commercial release in all media mediums worldwide with no expiration date.
  9. Creators must be able to provide us with Hi resolution still images in order to use them for DVD art work and posters for marketing and promotional purposes.
  10. Once the deal is done, creators must provide us with (QuickTime Apple Pro Res 422 (HQ) format) for the full length and the trailer.
  11. All must be shot in color.
  12. We accept all genres for submissions to distribute and license in North America &worldwide.

Please provide the information below and start a quick chat with our SMG team.