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About Us (SMG)


Bob Shami, known to be the CEO of Shami Media Group, Inc. laid the foundation of Shami Media Group, Inc. in 2005 under his innovative, effective and proficient leadership, headquartered in New York, USA. It has also its offices in Toronto, Canada & Miami, Florida. SMG is always ready to serve and render its services to the customers.

Shami Media Group (SMG) is the first media company working for the advancement and promotion of the media industry, providing the opportunity for the talented people from the music, TV and film industry to work together under one platform of Shami Media Group. SMG believes in providing the opportunities and exploring the talent over the world.

Shami Media Group (SMG) is a media apportioning and distribution company that is centering on film, television and music content. SMG distributes the media content worldwide through cable TV, mobile, online digital platform, airlines and the physical outlets. It deals with the full and short length documentaries, full and short length movies, episodic shows, foreign movies, feature movies, biographies, celebrity updates and much more. It also deals with the music content of all genres and languages.

SMG is providing a great platform to the people from the media industry to show their talent in a very good atmosphere. SMG provides a helping hand to all those independent film makers or film producers who are working on their movie projects independently. SMG is also ready to serve and help those who are working on short and long version documentaries, short and long version episodic shows or any other media project. SMG is determined to explore their talents and let the world to see their talent and creations by distributing their content worldwide through its outlets.

SMG's goal is also to assist people who belong to the music industry. SMG deals with the music content of all genres and languages and invites the independent music producers to work under the platform of Shami Media Group. SMG helps people in the monetization of their music content. SMG will distribute their music content worldwide on every digital platform, mobile platform, airline platform, and also use it in films, commercials, restaurants, hotels, lobby's, spas, gyms, clothing stores, malls and much more.

It is a preeminent multimedia company having unique direct relationships to physical retail storefronts and online digital platforms internationally including Wal-Mart, Target, iTunes, Netflix, Red box, Amazon, Hulu, and Google Play as well as national VOD platforms through cable television. SMG expertises in the development, production, marketing and distribution of talent-driven films, television, digital media content and music, with a unique ability to maximize the impact of content across worldwide, multiplatform distribution channels.

SMG also provides its customers with unique advertising, brand integration and marketing opportunities across traditional, social media, mobile and gaming platforms.

SMG's library contains over 10,000 hours of film programming and television episodes encompasses award-winning documentaries, acclaimed independent films and festival picks through a wide range of content and more. You have to request a password for to watch the content on the SMG's website. It also gives the opportunity to submit any kind of content related to the film, TV and music industry for the promotion or distribution purpose. The library of the company is increasing rapidly. Interested individuals also use the company's website to submit their content for the distribution, promotion or advertisement purpose of their product.

SMG also offers you to license your content. It offers the film makers, musicians, company owners to license their content. You can also license your TV shows or channels through the SMG.

Shami Media Group (SMG) has also taken the initiative to provide the internships in the following fields:

  1. Video editing.
  2. Online social media movie marketing.
  3. Music data research and entry.
  4. Graphic design.
  5. Creative writing

SMG also offers you to online book yourself for the meeting with SMG or you can setup a conference with SMG.

You can also have a direct chat with our SMG team by just clicking on the Online button, appearing at the right side bottom of the page. A form will be opened, enter the information and ask your queries. You will be contacted soon on your email address.

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Bob Shami, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of one of the leading and emerging media company, Shami Media Group.Inc. He laid the foundation of SMG in 2005, an incredible and great addition in the media industry.

Bob Shami is a great entreprenuer, author, film producer and a loving, caring father. He has been blessed with two daughters.

Bob Shami believes in creating opportunities and exploring the new talent. He is playing role of a helping hand to the people to explore their talent and promote their work, which also helps them to improve their lives by earning them moneny.

Bob Shami is a man of vision. He believes in the importance of creativity and individuality. He believes in education and the endless pursuit of knowledge.

Bob Shami is also an inspiring author, following the footsteps of such motivational icons as Anthony Robbins, Chrissy Makulsky, and Richard Branson, Bob Shami has authored several books, all with the purpose of education and self-fulfillment.

Bob Shami is a passionate and successful enterpriser, enthusiastic and consecrated to work on the film, television and music industry. He laid the foundation of SMG to provide a unique and best platform for the intellectuals and talented people from the film, music and television industry, where they can utilize and explore their skills in a good atmosphere.

Bob Shami is very much eager towards the film industry and he has also participated in the worlds largest film related conferences. He is committed to provide opportunities in this industry. He believes in the collaboration work of the intellectuals to unlock the smart and quality work.

SMG websites witnesses his enthusiasm and are designed to help budding filmmakers and artists to make their mark through releasing content globally.

Reality television was a field he had yet to explore, and the opportunity came through Hall of Famer, Chicago Bulls legend, Dennis Rodman with the creation of a reality based feature film documentary entitled "DENNIS RODMAN - ME: Doing it My Way".

SMG's digital library is filled with movie collections which entail a variety of full-length feature films for use in various genre-themed projects. Each filmmaker is given an equal opportunity to show their work. The independent film is something Bob holds in high regards.

Bob's goal is to bring into use that hidden talent which had not been utilized in the past. SMG is determined to provide opportunities to those who cannot explore or exhibit their talent due any reason like financial constraints or any other reason.

Share Shami's vision of helping people improve themselves and live their lives to the fullest. Advertising with Shami will help you gather followers, customers, and partners who will help you build your brand.

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